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While Protest Was Going On, See What These Youths Were Busy Doing On The Road.

Nigerian Youths have been going on protest for the past two weeks, even after SARS was disbanded few days ago. The protest continued in Abuja, Porthacourt, Benin, Delta, Lagos. Etc. This protest is as a result of the new body that was formed few hours after SARS was disbanded. After SWAT was formed, Nigerians were not in support of it as they were of the view that it’s the same persons with different names.

But, coming to the main point of my article is a video I came across on the net. In it were Protesters reported to be in Benin relaxing from their long walk. Then, two youths of opposite gender, male and female were seen dancing together on the road, while other protesters were looking and videoing them. The girl who almost fell was quickly caught by boy as they danced a little more before finally ending it.

Pictures From The Incident:

These youths came for a protest, but turned it to a dancing zone, thereby making them not serious about it.

Watch the video using this link below:


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