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“Protest Turns To Comedy” – See Funny Inscriptions People Wrote On Their Placard During Protest

Some Nigerians have turned the ‘#End SARS’ protest to play as some people were Seen displaying their Placards with several funny inscriptions.


With no doubt, you would agree with me that too much of everything is bad because that particular thing which was seen as a serious matter may turn out to look childish because of your regularity to it or the way you have chosen to present it, which may at the long run delay your response to that particular matter.

See photos of what some people wrote on their Placards.


Though the inscriptions may be funny, In my opinion this is very wrong because they are not passing any massage, they are just having fun with the protests. Someone who has no clue of what the protest is all about may fail to read the exact massage and may see them as unserious group of people.


Nigerian Will Never Fail To Amaze Me.

Despite being funny, do you think there are doing the right thing?

Air your views.

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