“Quality Isn’t Cheap” – Nigerian Lady Tells Men

Nigeria cultures encourages men to spend a lot of money when wooing women.

Right from the very days of our fathers, young Nigerian men are required to hustle hard for money while the young ladies stay at home to look beautiful.

After making enough money, same Nigerian culture still expect him to head home to pick a wife who probably have no source of making her own money. He spend money on her family just to win her love. And when they finally get married, the only thing she offers him in return is her beauty, and sometimes her loyalty.

Sadly, the culture of spending on women has refused to leave, even when we are already warming up to feminism and gender equality. Most Nigerian women still want guys to fund their extravagant lifestyle, while they practice their gender equality when it suits them.

According to a young Nigerian lady who calls herself Queen Cindy, one can only get quality women by spending money.

Here is what she has to say:

“You want a good woman but you don’t want to spend. Quality isn’t cheap Bro.” – Source, Queen Cindy on Twitter.

While a lot of Nigerian men are still spending money to woo women, it is time for everyone to understand the current situation of the world we live. Gone are the days when only men are required to work.

There are many job opportunities for women now, and they sometimes earn more than men, so why should a man continue to spend money on women without getting any financial benefit in return?

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