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Raila Odinga In Trouble After Revealing What Might Bring Chaos In 2022 If This Won’t Happen

Orange Democratic Movement Raila Odinga has landed in trouble after a leaked video of him issuing contentious remarks about the Building Bridges Initiative.

According to the Video, the ODM leader has been recorded stating that the Building Bridges Initiative is very crucial as it will solve the problem facing Kenyans.

The former Prime Minister has also said that Kenyans should support the constitutional amendment alleging that it is the only way to solve issues to do with chaos after every election period.

“If we don’t have a referendum before 2022, we cannot be able to prevent post-election violence in 2022,” read the report.

Here is the Video.

Kenyans have however taken a swipe on Raila Odinga over his contentious remarks with some penning as follows;

Pastor: Raila should not threaten us with chaos, let him try in 2022 he will meet Pharaoh who knew not Joseph.

kiprotich: The other day RAO told the electorates in msambweni that losing the seat was like BBI being knocked down, now he is talking of a referendum before 2022 to contain election malpractice, his supporter. Gov Hassan joho yesterday brand.

John: BBI is not a cure for political violence. Yesterday governor joho withdrew his gun and started to chase a voter. Personal behaviour matters. First address what was done, condemn it and forward the matter to both IEBC and police for action.

Rono: Babu Raila, you have been inciting poor Kenyan s to fight but for now your game is over!

Sam: BBI is all about materialism, self-satisfaction, embezzlement of fund and self-service, we need selflessness leaders who can bring change into the country.


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