If Rashes Appear After Shaving, These Are The Causes And Treatment

Sometimes, when men go to the barbershop to shave, small bumps and rashes start appearing on the back of the head and neck after shaving. The appearance and size of these rashes depends on the type of infections. Many people wonder why these rashes appear after people get a haircut? The following are the causes of rashes that appear after shaving.

We have different types of rashes according to what causes them. There is a rash called razor burn. These rashes look like small bumps and are red. When people use dull or unclean barbershop machines, they start appearing after shaving. We also have a rash caused by a condition called “barber’s itch”. Barber’s itch is characterised by rashes appearing on the neck and facial area after shaving. Barber’s itch is a fungal disease and the rashes appear like big red bumps.

Rashes after shaving can also be caused by a disease called folliculitis. In this case, the rash is very red and itchy every time. The rash is full of pus and looks like a papule. After shaving, this rash is caused by a bacterial infection called Staphylococcus aureus. Men should always maintain a high level of hygiene during shaving to avoid these rashes. Men should not use sluggish razors. In addition, men should not use some shaving products that facilitate the growth of these rashes.

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