REACTIONS As Deeper Life Member Calls NYSC Trousers "Satan's Deception" - Mc Ebisco REACTIONS As Deeper Life Member Calls NYSC Trousers "Satan's Deception" - Mc Ebisco
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REACTIONS As Deeper Life Member Calls NYSC Trousers “Satan’s Deception”


Awoh Liberty, a Facebook user, and a Deeper Life Church member posted a photo of a female Corps member wearing a skirt instead of the trousers stipulated and issued by the NYSC.

The photo reads: “No to Lucifer’s Perception. No to Satan’s Deception. We the female say no no no to trouser.”

He went on to post the photo on various Christian Facebook groups on Sunday.

The photo got varied responses with few in support while many argued that it’s not possible to engage in physical activities in orientation camps while wearing trousers.

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And these Idiots are using faceBook to promote their Preaching. Na angels own Facebook abi?.. Ndi Ndi eriri eri!!!!

tight and trouser, what’s the difference

Tight na skirt? There are so many things wrong with what she did. 1. Disobedience (Heb. 13 VS 17), the government says this is the uniform for nysc, and she disobeyed, she could have decided not to attend after all its not compulsory. 2. Where was it written in the Bible that “trouser” and “skirt” for women? Does that mean if she is the temperate region she will still wear skirt and expose her body to cold? Or scot men whose traditional wear is skirt, are they sinners? This is a uniform, does that mean she will wear skirt, if she is a military or police officer? She is just an hypocrite.

Whatever Rock your boat.


Even Kumuyi won’t say this nonsense and has toned down on the issues of TV. I grew up under Kumuyi’s guidance and still love him and still a strong Christian but left the church cos of members like this who misrepresent Kumuyi and the church to outsiders with emphasis on ‘works’ and outside appearance rather than faith and your heart/motive. These ones are usually dogmatic, rigid and judgemental. We are justified by faith, not by works. All things are lawful, but all things are not expedient. God weighs the motives.

No wear tight inside oo, because na thunder go faya you

Religion has blindfolded people

Just as they condemned tv back in the 80s and called it the devil’s box. I don really know how long this people will continue to manipulate us in this country.

Stop condemning those who have put on trousers because you are not better than them .

The ignorance is high, the same deeper life that said tv is evil in the 80s now own TV stations and air their preaching via the TV. Religion is slavery

Seriously mad people everywhere!!

You people are abusing her for her decision ? is hijab part of NYSC uniform , why are they permitting it ? that what suit her she wear it , Ofin to mu Eleah lo mu Elegun because they are all religion believe .

Screenshot 2021 09 13 at 23 09 04 Scooper News REACTIONS As Deeper Life Member Calls NYSC Trousers Satans Deception

Childish reasoning.

Tights , Pants and Knickers are also your Lucifer’s deception o don’t wear them inside, useless people always turning the bible upside dowwn. What happen to the quote that God looks at a man’s heart not outward appearance

Do whatever pleases you, but never think that your conclusion is God’s conclusion, because that’s just the religious beliefs of the pharisees and not christianity.

big deal…after all muslims dey wear dia hijab on top

I laugh for some people that didn’t wear trousers but like to put on tight underwear, hope you guys are not sharing from the curse like this…. Let ur skirt be fully skirt and short trousers underwear and skirt ontop, o wrong naw

Rubbish. Are all the white ladies attending Deeper Life in the Western world wearing skirts too?

Miss Corp preach the gospel of Jesus Christ,which is the law of Grace, than zealous of law of Moses looking outside why inside is dirty with all manner of evil ambition,”Preach Grace of Jesus ”

Screenshot 2021 09 13 at 23 09 37 Scooper News REACTIONS As Deeper Life Member Calls NYSC Trousers Satans Deception

Good! Lovely outfit, If Muslims can make a case for hijab what is good for the geese is also good for the gander

all this stupid religious bigots they should go to all this Nordic countries and wear skirt or Russia if Cold no go kill their generations, me as a man even at times in winter period i still wear long johns under my jeans trousers. when them no go commot for their Hut dem go just dey open mouth waaa all in the name religion. awon were ara Pharisees.

Game over….this wan na tory …if na tory that means she cannot participate in the nysc activities

What are your thoughts on this?


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