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REACTIONS As Robbers Attack Dunamis Church In Abuja, Stab Security Guard


There was terror in Dunamis International Gospel Centre on Monday after armed men stormed the church and stabbed a security guard.

The incident happened around 3am when the armed men who were 10 in number reportedly arrived in the church from the shanties and slums in the area.

According to PUNCH, when they got to the church, they stabbed a security guard known as John in the abdomen and ripped out his intestines after he tried to resist them.


The robbers allegedly asked for money but after searching the premises and couldn’ t finding anything, they became annoyed.

A source told the publication: ” The incident happened around 3am on Monday. The robbers came and John tried to resist them. During the fracas, he was overpowered and stabbed in the stomach.

” He was rushed to the General Hospital in Kubwa but because doctors were on strike, there was nothing that could be done. He was thereafter transferred to another private hospital in Abuja. ”


Ifeanyi Uwaje, the chairman of the District Centre Estate confirmed the incident.

He said, ” What happened was very unfortunate; we took the victim to a hospital and we have reported the case to the police. ”

Robbers seem to be extremely desperate nowadays as they no longer even honor God by attacking places of worships.

Nigerians on social media have reacted to the tragic incident, particularly the death of the security guard. Below are some of their reactions.


” He shouldn’ t have resisted them. I pray he survives and get well quick. For the hoodlums your day of reckoning is here. No peace for you all” – Omotunde

” The killers are everywhere, strategizing to take over. Christians ntoooor. Your long throat will always be your undoing. ” – Anonymous

” Security guards need to be having guns. This country has reach the level for each person to own a gun” – Anonymous


” Una never see anything. This is the time to stand up and fight back! ! ! ” – Anonymous

” Bhuari is working, especially on security” – Extreme pets

” Nigerian churches do not think about security on a full scale. You should have a police unit in that kind of area. Where u have thousands of people gathering” – zico


” Nothing and no one is safe from the revenge of the poor. When you build a multibillion naira structure in front of a shanty with 99% poverty and unemployment. Don’ t be surprised when the people attack out of hunger and desperation” – Anonymous


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