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Reactions As Nnamdi Kanu Releases New Biafran Flag (Photo)

The leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has released a new design of Biafran flag.
The flag, according to Kanu is a new design which has the inscription of the Star of David portraying the Israelites Jewish Religion. Which also, represent the Igbo origin known as “Eri Heritage”.

Recall that the original flag of the defunct Biafra has no such inscription and Kanu has been championing for the Jews religion in Southeastern part of Nigeria and of course he has garnered members for the Jews religion.

According to Kanu, the Jews religion was the religion that of the Igbo forefather’s attended before the colonisation by the British which brought the Christianity.


Sharing the flag via his official Twitter page, Kanu want his followers to identify with the flag and say their mind if it’s good to go.

He wrote;

“The newest design with an acknowledgement of our ERI heritage. Beautiful and thought provoking.

“What do you think?


However, the flag caused many reactions on social media as many agreed with Kanu and some disagreed based on the Star of David inscription which portrayed Jews Religion.

Below is some reactions extracted.

@OKSydney wrote; “The Judaism sign on it isn’t cool. Unless all other possibly major religions of the IPOB is included on the flag.

“We must uphold the freedom of association & beliefs.

@UdokoguQross wrote; “Just like the zoo ..when they use Islamic inscription on our coat of arm… now u went to put Israeli and Jewish inscription..whT of oda churches or are we going to be mandated to become Jews and leave our Christian faith in biafra?

@Johnpistolance said; “Remove that Judaism sign. I hope Biafra is not a Religious perspective plan.

@Dube5687 said; “The sign is just a symbol of the Eri origin. Why is everyone against it.

@buddy_okoh wrote; “Please @MaziNnamdiKanu we should maintain the status quo. When Biafra come we can debate if we want to make changes in our flag or not.

@collinsatos said; “Biafra shouldn’t be about Judaism but my freedom, hope and inclusion of other religions except Islam. Adding Jewish inscription to your Biafra identity will not make the Israeli government fight with us for freedom. The people who can guarantee us freedom is us in Biafra.

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