Reactions As Protesters Raise 73 Million Naira & Gives Acct

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It’s been at least one week since the endsars protests have began in the country. The youths, for the first time ever decided to take matters into their hands by exercising their constitutional right to peaceful protests as they marched on the streets of major cities in the country. All in the spirit of love and togetherness, calling for the ending of sars and police brutality in the country.

This movement hasn’t been an easy one, as many people were injured in the process, some lost their lives for the cause and they will always and surely be remembered as true soldiers of the movement. If there’s one thing we learnt from this protest, it is that these Nigerian youths who were once labeled ‘lazy’ by the president actually do have something that the older generation doesn’t want to acknowledge. Their is love and togetherness amongst them. They have donated money and also got donations from all over the world to help with the movement and also compensate victims and families of the deceased.

The group in charge of the money, ‘Feminist Coalition’ have now revealed, in spirit of transparency and honesty that they have received, in total, an amount of about 73 million naira.These donations were made in naira, dollars, pounds, bitcoins and other currencies all amounting to the sum total. They revealed via their official twitter account that all the money that has been disbursed is about 20 million naira.

See the breakdown of how the money came in and how it was spent.

“On Oct 16th we donated N4,745,000 to 26 protests, paid the hospital bill of 1 protester, made donations to the families of 2 deceased protesters, and paid for other supplies.

Total ₦ raised: N73,241,384.11

Total ₦ disbursed: N20,188,280.00

Other balances below

All Balances

NGN 53,053,104.11

USD 11,474.34

CAD 5,595.89

GBP 5,733.49

EUR 875.42

GHS 1,256.70

KES 53,016.60

BTC 4.55795633”

This is a kind of transparency we want to be seeing from our government. Perhaps they should bring notes and learn from the ‘lazy Nigerian youths’.

This revelation got people talking and everything they have been saying is what will make every youth proud and should make our leaders ashamed of themselves.

What a time to be alive. God bless these guys for being honest and showing us older generations that we are not lazy Nigerian youths but honest and transparent Nigerian youths. I’m very proud of these people.

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