Reactions as Young Female Undergraduate Shares her Back to School Pictures

If you’re a regular Facebook user, you would agree with me that there’s a serious trend on that platform popularly describes as, “we wey do this and that challenge”, and thousands of people are participating on it day in day out without minding the result. Most of this challenges is pronounce in a group called RANT Extension, is as if it was what that group is meant for, because that is the only post/news that pops every now and then there.

Among these challenges there are positive ones and non positive ones, who ever that dares to post irrelevant ones receive an insult of his or her life while those who post relevant and educating ones also have nice reactions to their post. One Gold Ijeoma shared her pictures this afternoon on the group and tagged it, “her back to school challenge”, but instead of receiving a nice comment from members of the group, it ended with mixed reactions.

Am cock-sure when you chose not to participate on any trend on social media, your name would not change from what it use to be. Meaning that it would not add or remove anything from your normal life when you avoid to involve yourself on every trend you may come across either in social media or otherwise.

Sometimes the only sacrifice you may need to pay for your respect to be intact is nothing more than to be reserved to some issues, trends and temptations when you come across them if not you will swallow the insult alone when it comes.

Meanwhile I would advise undergraduates nation wide to be focus on their studies and shun social media at the time been knowing how many months they had spent at home without lectures other academic activities for their betterment.

Don’t forget, there’s time for everything.


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