Read 3 Lessons Women Should Learn From Story Of 22-Year-Old Pregnant Woman Who Killed Her Husband

The news of the 22-year- old pregnant woman who killed her husband over extra marital affairs has been making rounds on social media for some days now.

But then, just like every other life events, we must be able to learn a few things from it, so as not to make the same mistake others made.
The pregnant woman, Faith Okiemute killed her husband, Edafe Unuakpor, in the residence at Ekrejebor axis of Ughelli local government area of Delta State, on Monday 15 March, 2021.

Reports had it that she uses a machete to cut his hand and then used it on his abdomen too before fleeing to a police station for fear of jungle Justice.
The couple has a 2 years old daughter while Faith Okiemute has 2 children from her first marriage.
Below are lessons women should learn from this shocking story:

Lesson one:

Women, please it is wrong to attack your husband, no matter how angry you are. Their are many was to express your anger than going violent. You can starve him of your body as a way of punishing him, but attacking him is very dangerous.

Lesson two:

Women, please no matter how angry you are, avoid using a weapon or any object for that matter, on your husband. It is better to leave the environment immediately, if you know that you cannot control yourself. If Faith Okiemute had been able to control herself, her husband could’ve still been alive, and she wouldn’t be in the problem she is now.

Lesson Three:

Dear women, no matter what a man does, killing him is not the best option. Whether through poison, or using a sharp object, you will only put yourself in deep problem, which you may regret your entire life. Now, that Faith Okiemute has killed her husband, the issue is no longer that he engaged in extramarital affairs, the issue now is that Faith Okiemute killed her husband.

Their is no justification for murder. We should all find ways to resolve issues with our spouses, rather than fighting and killing each other.
What do you have to say about this?
May the soul of the deceased rest in peace, amen.

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