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Read The Angry Letter An Elite Fulani Man Wrote To His Fulani Brothers Who Are Herdsmen

A Fulani Man, Abdullah Jalo Abba who is an engineer from Yobe State has written an angry letter to his Fulani Brothers who are Herdsmen, He Wrote the letter to express his dissatisfaction with the lifestyle of his Fulani brothers who are still living in the bush.

We know that most Fulanis are not educated, living inside the bush, rearing cattles to survive. only a few Fulanis have the opportunity to live in the cities, enjoy social amenities, and attend University to become Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, etc. Abdullah has written to tell Fulanis to start educating their children to end the cattle rearing lifestyle.

Engineer Abdullah Jalo Abba said; the earlier Fulanis abolish this archaic and primitive practice of chasing cows from pillars to post, the better for everyone.


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