Read Why Bishop Oyedepo Warned His Members Not To Take The Covid 19 Vaccine

The general overseer of the Living Faith Church A.K.A Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has warned his worshippers against taking the Covid 19 vaccine in Nigeria. In a report by the Punch newspaper, the cleric made the warning during the 40th anniversary thanksgiving service of the church at Ota Cathedral in Ogun state.

In his words, Bishop Oyedepo declared, “let me warn you against this deadly thing circulated round the country because it has not been duly tested”. According to him, an elder of the church who worked with the WHO confirmed this. Going further, the cleric lamented the practice of vaccinators visiting churches, insisting that the church was an anti covid 19 zone. In other words, the virus cannot survive there.


Although Oyedepo’s reason for dissuading his worshippers from taking the vaccine centered around the lack of adequate test to show its safety, he also alleged that the side effects defeated the benefits, alluding to a conspiracy that the vaccine was allegedly proposed to kill Africans. According to him, “they wanted Africa dead. I heard them say it. When we didn’t die as they proposed, they brought out this vaccination scheme”

However, are these not mere speculations? Can the cleric’s claims be proven? While there have been side effects from the covid 19 vaccines, have there been any fatalities in Nigeria to raise suspicion? These are the questions that need answers amid Oyedepo’s claims, and warning to his living faith church members. One would ask what other alternatives do Nigerians have? According to Oyedepo, a shot of anointing oil would kill the virus.

Recall, Oyedepo had also asked the federal government to come to him to find out how to deal with the virus at no cost. Is a shot of anointing oil his proposal? Whatever the case may be, the controversies and fears surrounding the covid 19 administration in Nigeria may worsen due to Oyedepo’s claims and concerns, for it safety and overall genuity.


What are your thoughts on these issues?

Do you share the same sentiments as Oyedepo?

Is the cleric right to disapprove of the vaccine without concrete proves?

Give your thoughts below.

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