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Read What A Married Man Did To An Ashawo That Made Her Bite His Finger

People have reacted angrily to a video of a married man in Benue State who shamelessly fought a lady in public after he wronged her

Apparently, the man got attracted to the lady who was a hooker and he patronized her service but after sleeping with her he paid her 300 naira short of their initial agreement. She insisted on collecting the full amount they had agreed on and a fight ensued between them

In the video the lady and the man could be seen exchanging harsh words, she got angry when he described her as a dirty girl and held his shirt tight refusing to let go. This infuriated him and he began to beat her and in her defense, she bit his finger causing him serious injury

A man who arrived at the scene enquired what was going on and the lady who spoke in Tiv language said the man agreed to pay her 1200 naira before sleeping with her but after they were done he gave 900 naira, 300 naira short of their initial agreement.

People who reacted to this video have not only blasted the man for laying his hands on a woman they have also blasted the person who stood and recorded a lady being harassed and did nothing to rescue her.


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