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Read What Nigeria Army Asked Benue Residents To Do After 11 Soldiers Were Killed By Gunmen

It is clear that insecurity in the country is a threat to everyone, nobody is exempted from the mayhem caused by terrorists who parade themselves freely in Nigeria. Though the security men are doing well in carrying out their operation but it seems their efforts is being trampled upon. It was revealed that Nigeria soldiers was attacked in Benue state which led the killing of 11 soldiers by gunmen. Is appalling how people who brings out their efforts and mind to protect Nigerians are being attacked by people who don’t want the progress of the country. The Nigeria army reacted over the incident and appealed to Benue people to give them information about the where about of the gunmen.

However, the Nigeria army invaded some villages in the council burning down houses and some villagers lost their lives in the process and told them to reveal the gunmen that carried out the evil act. Nigeria has been experiencing alot from gunmen and terrorists, it is time the government show more concern in other to claim victory. Security men need more hands to tackle the problem the country is facing before it escalate to war. They are human being too leaving everything for them is unacceptable, the leaders need to work in hand with them. What baffles me is that, is the common man that suffers most in this crisis.

This country can’t continue like this, engaging in a fight with security men is not right. They have done their best in ensuring a peaceful country but it looks like some Nigerians are not helping the matter. We should stop destroying the country with our hands, Nigeria army should put effort in other to bring the pepetrators who killed the 11 soldiers to book. Let everyone caught in committing a crime pay for it so that others can learn, we should stop promoting evil instead let peace reign.

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