After Reading This Story, You Will Never Pay For Sex Again (Watch Video)

Hello Editor,

Happy New Year in advance MORE Tribers. With the stories I have been reading here recently, I have come to the conclusion that things are really getting out of hand. Juju is taking over Nigeria and I will advise every youth to be prayerful.

My father is a conk native doctor and he indulges in a lot of bad things. I am Born Again now and I pray that very soon he will turn a new leaf.

For those that sleep with prostitutes or pay normal girls for sex, your futures and destinies might be at stake. My father used to buy semen, used condoms and toilet rolls used for cleaning after sex from prostitutes. These materials are used for good luck charms. The implication is that if your sperm is used for the charm, all your blessings will be automatically transferred to the person who set the charm. These call girls make extra monies from selling these materials secretly. They are desperate and will do anything for money.

For those that patronize brothels, always make sure you take your used materials home or you flush them down the toilet on your own. Sometimes, buy your own condoms and use them. Some condoms have been laid at the shrine for evil forces to enter. If you use them, any job opportunities or money coming your way that week or month will be painfully missed. You will keep getting close but you will never get there.

Apart from this, stop patronizing runs girls. Try and get into serious relationships or get married.

The Yahoo Boys that work with my father used to take a powerful potion and sleep with runs girls after that. A spiritual force that steals the blessings of people will be transferred into those girls and they will be infecting random men that they meet on a daily basis. The more men the girls sleep with, the richer the Yahoo Boys get. Most of these possessed girls might never get married or give birth again. Some end up dying mysteriously after a number of years.

This is the new juju style in town and many people are subscribing to it. A boy just brought about 10 of his friends for my father to do the charms for. They will soon infect prostitutes who will be spreading it across Lagos State at cheap prices. I fear for the lives of the young men around.

I pray my father changes in the coming year as he has ruined the lives of many bright stars. If you know you can’t stay without sex, go and get married or look for a way to help yourself. I know this is not easy but you can’t afford to be in spiritual bondage. Most of the girls you see around are possessed destiny killers and they don’t know.

Sex has become deeper than what you think it is. Don’t let 5 minutes of fun ruin your entire lives. Think about your parents and loved ones who invested in you.  A word is enough for the wise. Please spread the message to your loved ones.




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