She Is Ready For Church But People Beg Her To Change Her Dress

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Sunday is a day of worship for most people and going to church is a must. Church attire for women is mostly conservative and brings dignity to the wearer. However, nowadays dresses are getting shorter and shorter as women embrace different kind of styles. This lady on Twitter posted pictures of herself in a red dress and said she is ready for church but people were not really accepting of her dress. They begged her to change into something more decent.

One person said she must not even think about sitting in front seat at the church because she will distract the Pastor from doing his work properly. People were still wondering what kind of a church she attends that allows her to wear a mere t-shirt. This dress of herself is suitable for the club not church said another person. She got a number of pleas for her to change so as not to tempt ther congregation but there is doubt that she was really serious. If she did go dressed like this she would not even make it through the gate.


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