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“I Really Hate It When I Tell People I’m From Borno And They Start To Call Me Boko Haram”- Lady

Most times, people makes mockery of us when we tell them that we are from a particular state, tribe or even country. This can really make us to start feeling inferior or bad, especially if they start calling us names.

But the truth of the matter is that we are all human beings and no one is more important than another. We should always be proud of where we come from, irrespective of what people are thinking about it.


However, a lady identified as @littlehuman on Twitter has made it known how she hate it when people call her names simply because she is from Borno State.

According to her tweet, “I really hate it when I tell people I’m from Borno and they start to make jokes about Boko Haram or call me Boko Haram. It triggers so much PTSD for me and they actually expect you to laugh. It just really hurts.”


Many people are reacting to the lady’s tweet, as they are also making their opinion known concerning the issue. Below are some of their replies.

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