Reason Why Ladies Love Heavy Bodied Tall Men

A good relationship is that one where a person finds his or her own preferred partner. In general, most ladies like heavy bodied men who are tall as compared to slender ones.

We all know that ladies are weak in nature and they always depend on their men for protection. Imagine a lady who is small- bodied marrying a man who is also slender and small bodied.


Such a couple at times faces problems in marriage when it comes to security issues. The reason most of the ladies prefer heavy bodied tall men is because a heavy bodied man who is tall will always serve as a security to a lady.

Like there is a day i witnessed a man trying to harass a couple. The man could abuse the woman of being married to a weak man and the man even tried to threaten the husband to the lady. I felt so sad.


He told the man that he was so weak that he could not protect his own wife and the man could do anything to both of them at will.

This particular situation cought my attention and that is when i came to answer the question on why some ladies prefer marrying strong muscular heavy bodied men.

A lady will feel protected whe his husband is mascular than one who is slender. This is one of the reason as to why some women will go for heavy bodied men.

I don’t mean all women prefer such men, ofcourse there are other ladies who goes for slender men.

The message i am trying to say is that a bigger percentage of women love heavy bodies men for security purposes in marriage.

Such men always protect them from hostile men who may want to take advantage of them. Weaker men sometimes faces problems when it comes to fighting men who are a thorn in the flesh for their ladies.

For a muscular man, no man will risk playing around or persecuting his wife because he fear the man can beat him up and even injure him unlike for weaker and slender men.

What is your take on this? Do you conquer with this facts or you have different views. Is it the reality or you think otherwise and have you ever found yourself in such a situation? Kindly comment and follow me for other exposes.

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