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Reasons Why Your Ex Has Never Blocked You

Nobody has the intention of going into a serious relationship and having their heart or relationship broken into pieces.

We go into a relationship because we want to fulfill a purpose and enjoy the good things that love brings to our lives.

But Unfortunately, not all relationships are really meant to last forever. Some people break up due to lack of trust, incompatibility, cheating, lack of money, and several other reasons.

When couples break up, it is expected that the one who is hurt the most will block their ex so that they won’t have access to them again. Surprisingly enough, some people have discovered that their ex has not blocked them.

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If you go through the social media accounts of your ex and discover that they haven’t blocked, unfollowed, or unfriended you, it actually shows you can still have access to them anytime you want to.

So what could be the main reason why someone that you’ve both parted ways with has not blocked you?

They want to create an opportunity for them to ignore you. They understand that if they block you, they won’t know when you are trying to reach out to them

They are also waiting for you to call or even send a message so that they can start ignoring you.

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They want you to see that they have moved on and are doing far better after the breakup and to also know they can do very well without you.

They want to give you a chance for you to apologize to them. They are waiting for you to realize your mistakes so that you can have the chance to tell them how sorry you feel.

They know that if they block you, they won’t have the chance to know if you have realized your mistakes or not, so they leave room for you to approach them with a repentant heart.

They still love you, think about you, or even want the relationship back. They feel that they may never find a partner like you again in their entire life. They feel that those memorable moments they had with you were once in a lifetime.

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Some people won’t block their ex because they don’t believe in it. They feel it’s not a mature thing to do. They are the type of people who strongly believe that if we are not dating again, that doesn’t mean we are enemies.


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