Reasons Why Guys Run Away After Sleeping With You

Have you ever asked yourself why all guys you sleep with always run away after a one night stand? There are several reasons why guys run away after sleeping with you. These reasons may be because of their personal preferences, reasons you can never understand. Here are some reasons why this happens:

1.He is picky – Have you ever thought that perhaps, he didn’t really like you? Have you ever thought that maybe, he had his eye on someone else in the club, bar or party but the first or second pick weren’t responding so he picked you as the third best option?

2.He is in a serious relationship – Have you ever thought that perhaps, he is actually going home to his significant other? Or he is probably dating someone or is in a relationship, but just can’t help sleeping with other girls.

  1. He could probably be so intoxicated and he hasn’t gotten laid for quite some time now. So that’s all he wants to do and nothing else. You were there. You were flirting back. You seemed to show him you were available.

  2. It’s just a one-night stand, not two nights, not three, and it will never be more than that. There shouldn’t even be a reason for him to run away from you, because that’s what one-night stands are all about.

Truth be told, you can never really tell why a guy ran away after sleeping with you, unless you see him some time later and you ask him. Even so, you won’t be able to know if he is going to tell you the truth.The easiest way to get through a situation like is to learn from your mistakes.


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