Reasons Why Many Men Run Away From Chubby Ladies

There are various things a man might not like about a chubby woman some are based on assumptions while some are true but it does not mean chubby women are not lovable the way they are.

Below are some of those things why men run away from chubby ladies.

1) Social conditioning has a big part to play. We are constantly fed with the message that bigger is bad, that a person is seen as having failed when they can’t comply with the social ideal, and in turn, a person who dates a bigger person, by accepting it, has too in some way failed or settled for something less than magazine perfect.

2) Cost of management: most times when we think of a fat woman, we subconsciously think of some who eats beyond control, or someone who can’t get certain things done, adequately which might incure the need for more expenses.

3) The fear that she might eventually look older than you as a result of her size is another issue, the thought of her looking like your mum or elder as time goes by scares men away.

4) Some men assume that due to excessive body fat they might have body odour as a result of excessive sweat, which might or might not be true because their are a lot of them who live perfectly clean lives.

5) Most chubby ladies have low self esteem and feel intimidated by slimmer women, they always feel imperfect which makes them unattractive. Men want to be around happy people and not someone they will have to advise every day.

Note: The truth is there are a lot of men out there who all they want is a chubby woman, it’s all about your desire and what you really want from a woman.

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