Reasons Why You Must Not Drink Agbo Or Local Herbal Medicines

According to World Health Organization (WHO), traditional medicine is generally available and affordable and commonly used in large parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In Nigeria especially south-west region, people believe and rely on local herbs or medication. ‘Agbo’, the Yoruba name for herbal medicines is a concoction prepared from a variety of herbs and it is a very popular herbal preparation taken for various ailments, especially by natives of Yoruba people.

Other tribes have also gained wide acceptance and a lot of patronage. Agbo can be soaked in water, alcohol, palm wine or even soft drinks like sprite before one drinks it.

However, medical experts raise concerns on the after effects of taking agbo especially in the long run. Such conditions is that it can damage the liver and kidney, also there are concerns on its preparation which include handling, dosage requirements for each ailment, shelf live and expiration.

As good citizens in regards to public health and safety, we need to create an awareness on the importance of guarding against acts which can lead to kidney diseases.

There is need to reduce or even desist from consuming local concoctions, especially because of the possible resultant effects.

Forget all about what they say that herbs help clean the body system, while that may be true, the truth is that this concoction people are taking, some of them have bad effects on the kidney. It can damage the kidney.

It is a lot cheaper to prevent kidney damage because once you have kidney damage there is no going back. Even rich people can’t maintain, afford or keep up with dialysis. Kidney transplant is very expensive, even for the rich not to talk of the masses who are not generally or financially equipped to take care of the disease.

People who take agbo don’t know when it becomes underdose or overdose and this can affect the general health and functionality of the body. It can lead to blood poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea, anemia and even death if mismanaged.

One is not ruling out the efficacy of these local herbs, but if it is to be taken , it should undergo scientific research and approval.

Also preparation has to follow standard supervision in hygienic conditions with appropriate dosage and expiration required.

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