Reasons Why Chubby Girls Make The Best Of Girlfriends

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Thick girls have their advantages and they are awesome people to date and hang around with, here are a few reasons why;
1. They are strong.

Emotionally, physically, everything really. When you grow up having a body that isn’t the norm of what’s “acceptable,” there are going to be a lot of people who are going to tease you, clothing stores that are going to make you feel like you don’t belong, and shallow guys who reject you not because you aren’t ‘their type’.

2. They are warm and are the perfect cuddle buddy.

3. They have an amazing personality.

Chubby girls have a fun and bubbly personality and they don’t feel that the world revolves around them, making it easier to hang out with them.

4. They aren’t afraid to show that they have an appetite.

5. They are opinionated

If you enjoy having a good conversation, you won’t get bored dating a chubby girl. Since most of them are very opinionated, they won’t be shy about expressing their thoughts on a particular subject making your conversation exciting and unpredictable.

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