Reasons Why South May Not Find It Easy To Produce PDP Presidential Candidate In 2023


Well, it is no longer a new thing that the People’ s Democratic Party (PDP) has actually made the Presidential ticket, open to every presidential ticket, open to every presidential Aspirants of the Party, who might actually be interested to contest for the presidential race in 2023, irrespective of the region, they might really belong to.

And it should also be recalled that the National Chairman of the party, was actually zone to the North and the firmer Senate President, Iyorchia Ayu was unanimously picked as Chairman of the Party, through consensus by the Leaders of the Party.


However, the PDP Leaders might really not find it easy to produce the Presidential Candidate of the Party, in 2023, due to some reasons that shall be discussed, one after the other.


Firstly, it is noted that there is no formidable presidential Aspirants, who have really shown interest to contest Presidential race, under the platform of the party in 2/23. And those Presidential Aspirants, who have really shown interest, does not have the nitty gritty to contest for Presidential race and win the election.


Although, it was really gathered that the former Senate President, Anyim Pious Anyim, who is from Ebonyi State, has really shown interest to contest for the Presidential race while under the platform of PDP, but the fact is, those who have really shown interest to contest for the race nah not have enough resources to do so.


And it should also be recalled that one of the chieftains of the Party, who happens to be Chief Raymond Dokpesi, already made it known that there is no credible PDP Presidential Aspirants in South, and he stated further that the credible Presidential Aspirants, which is under the platform of the Party, are from the North.


Secondly, it is said to be that the North is said to have a higher number of States than the South. The north actually has Nineteen states, compared to seventeen states that are in the south.


Thus, the number of delegates which will vote to produce Presidential candidate in the north, will actually be much higher than the member of delegates that will vote in the south. And the delegates fir the North, will certainly vote in mass for sole Presidential Candidate of the Party.


However, the southern delegates might not unanimously agree to vote for a sole Presidential Candidate of the party. Therefore, the south, might not be able to produce a Presidential candidate for the party in 2023


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