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Recent killings In Maiduguri Would Be Actions Of Repentant Boko Haram Members – Residents Raise Concern

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Following the recent killings in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital residents have raised concern by reacting heavily to the mysterious killings currently ongoing in the state by unknown persons.

More so, the resident believed that such an incident never happened prior to receiving and releasing suspected Boko Haram fighters who are surrendering in droves The residents, however, urged the Borno State government to go back to the drawing board and trace suspected Boko Haram fighters that already release into the society.

Recall that there were reports about the killing of two people, who were attacked by some unidentified persons. The incident occurred at London Ciki Area in Maiduguri metropolis, where a shop owner was killed and his corpse dumped inside a refrigerator, while all the goods in the store were carted away.

According to residents of Maiduguri, the spate has continued to increase by the day.
“There are many unreported incidents of killings. The state is becoming a nightmare again especially since blood-thirsty men were allowed freedom because they handed themselves to the authorities,” a resident of Maiduguri said.

Meanwhile,  a Senior Police Officer, argued against the ‘erroneous’ belief, stating that most of the people committing these types of crimes are hoodlums that have been attacking unsuspecting residents in the metropolis for some time.

“Some of them disguise as passengers in tricycles to rob their victims of their valuables. Some will monitor customers who went to withdraw money from the bank or ATM and go after them.

“We have arrested some of the robbery gang who robbed ATMs within the metropolis. Luck ran out with them when they abandoned the vehicle used for the crime,” he said.

Adding he said: “Be rest assured that the police will leave no stone unturned to get the culprits and prosecute them. So people should be calm and go about their normal activities.”


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