Remember The 7 Years Old Boy Who Got Popular For Having Six – Packs? See How He Looks Now

So do you still remember the now 7 years old Iranian kid who got popular because he had 6 packs? Lol yeah I know it’s quite strange, for a boy at that little age, to have six – packs, but it’s so true! at least pictures and videos don’t lie?

What Hoseini is a 7 years old kid from Iran. Arat was born In 2013, on the 13th of September. According to his trainer, who is also his father, he said that Arat started training the little boy since he was 9 months old till now, he’s currently 7.

He went ahead to say that Arat started fojmg backflips and wall climbing easily before he even clocked one year.

Arat is one of the most popular kid out there, with a huge and also engaging fan base with over 4 million followers.

His Instagram account is managed by his Dad Mohammed Hoseini, as he is very young and knows nothing about social media yet.

The little kid is working towards being a Barcelona footballer, as his role model is said to be Lionel Messi.
Let’s look at some recent pictures of 7 years old Arat, and his six packs that has made him so popular even at a very young age.

Watch the video below

Such a cute boy, he even looks like a girl? on first sight one would easily mistake him for a girl?
So guys what do you think?

• Do you love the idea of Arat having a six-pack even at a very young age?

• Do you fancy having a son with a six-pack even at this very young age?
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