Remember The Dwarf Couple That Flaunted Pregnancy Pictures? See Their Recent Family Pictures

The Dwarfish Couple named Charli Organ and Cullen, are two dwarfish husbands and wife who got married in 2013 after they dated each other for about three years according to the wife.

This type of relationship is rarely seen in our part of the work and when they are even seen, people often criticize them, their lifestyles, heights. Children even make fun of them because of the comparison in their heights.

This however did not deter the couple from aiming for their life desires and ultimately achieving them. The couple are not just dwarfs who fell in love because they happen to like each other, they are also law-abiding citizens with determined minds to conquer their world and make the people aware of their existence.

The couple are gainfully employed as the husband owns a business and the wife works at a major Telecommunications company as a Business Development Manager.

They have given birth to a baby girl after their wedding in 2013, a baby that was conceived and delivered in 2015. Though there were high risks involved in their pregnancy and birth, because of the skeletal and genetic composition of yet couple.

It was discovered that there could be fatality in their children, because the husband has a different type of dwarfism compared to that of his wife and both has their risks to the children. The couple have 1 of 4 chance of having an average height baby, the other chances will be that they have that of their father’s or mother’s.

After their marriage in 2013, Charli decided to create an instagram account to document their life achievements and events, most importantly she thought it would boost the morale of other Dwarfs like them to live their lives with happiness and joy regardless of how they are treated in the community.

But she faced a difficultly with followers on her instagram page, it was until their daughter was born in 2015 that the world became aware of their existence and thousands of followers began to join their page and like their pictures, with lots of criticisms, rebukes and the sorts of insults from their followers.

She also became pregnant with a second child in January of 2020, with a planned caesurian already in place to monitor the baby’s growth.

One of the most remarkable thing about the couple was their experience shared during an interview session they had with Business Developmental Manager, whereby the disclosed that, even though they were dwarfs, their lifestyle never lacked the necessary happiness and fun than any other couple on earth.

The wife explained that she likes to share the fun moments of their life with her followers on social media platforms, before she fell pregnant and that the most cherished moments of their lives are spent outside enjoying their lunch under the sunshine.

Charli also revealed a shocking information during the interview, saying: “Cullen and I both have different types of dwarfism, which means our children could have inherited both forms which generally results in a fatal outcome. We had generic testing done in early pregnancy so we could find this out.”

She also mentioned that their next baby which they don’t know the sex yet will have Cullen’s type of genetic composition and this could come with a lot of difficulty in respiration, whereas her own is skeletal.

The couple have proved that they will not back down from their normal lifestyle and engaging in day-to-day activities like every other person. They are also an emulator for symbol for other people in similar position as them.

Let us learn to appreciate, encourage and admonish them like we do to other humans, because they also deserve to be treated equally as any other person.

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