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Remember Ginimbi That Died Two Days Ago, See The Other 3 Cute Friends That Got Burnt In His Car.


The big question is what will this young man be doing with a coffin in his room, coffin is not a car nor cloth that you can make use of while you are living.
Though, there is no one to answer the big question, as the only person that can give answer to it is no more. Genius Kadungure lives in Zimbabwe and he is popularly known as Ginimbi. Ginimbi is a businessman and a successful oil merchant. Ginimbi is not only rich, he is stinkingly wealthy, his wealth could be linked to the kind of business he is into.
Last Sunday, while attending one of his friends birthday, Ginimbi and two other ladies met with an accident and the three could not make it.
Ginimbi is a lover of luxury things, he so much love trendy and sporty cars, his love for fashion can not be overemphasized as well. Last Sunday, which is dated 8th of November was one of his friends birthday, Moana celebrated her 26th birthday at one of Ginimbi’s bar and they decide to have an after-party. Alichia, Moana, Karim and Ginimbi went with Ginimbi’s white rolls Royce car that has just two doors. What led to their accident has not been revealed yet, the four friends had an accident and that was the end of their earthly journey, Moana and Alichia was stuck at the back seat and they got burnt with the car alongside Karim, Ginimbi managed to get out but yet he gave up few minutes later.

After the incident, it was later reported that a wine casket (coffin) was found in one of Ginimbi’s room. What Ginimbi was doing with the casket is not known to anyone.

Truly, Ginimbi is a lover of beautiful things and he so much love whatever that is trending, few of his luxury cars are shared below;

It is such a great loss to the people of Zimbabwe as three young successful folk lost their lives to a car accident. The video that went viral shows how the three still had fun before the unfortunate incident.
Report has it that the Zimbabwean bought the casket few days before his death, could it be that Ginimbi is aware of his own death?
The three other person that died at the spot alongside Ginimbi include the birthday celebrants, Mimmie Moana, Alichia Adams and Limumba Karim.
The pictures of the four victims are shared below.


Alichia Adams

Mimmie Moana

Limumba Karim.
The rolls royce got burnt that no one could recognize it again. Cars are the same everywhere at anywhere and it pays to be more careful when driving.

The aftermath of the white rolls royce
May their gentle souls rest in peace, say a word kfprayer from the four friends.

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