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Remember The Man Who Was Hacked To Death By Princess? See What He Did To Another Lady 4 Years Ago.

On the 10th of January, 2021, Princess Odume Pachaline was apprehended by an angry mob after being caught trying a scale a building after hacking one Akwaowo Japhet to death. She was beaten, stripped of her clothes and later handed over to the Police.

Few days ago, it was disclosed that she killed Akwaowo Japhet because he tried to rape her. Well, another lady identified as Effiong Laurel Scott, have come out to tell Nigerian how she was raped by Akwaowo Japhet, on the 17th of July, 2017 in Etinan Local Government, Akwa Ibom State.

According to Laurel, her family moved back to Akwa Ibom State due to the rise of insurgency in Maiduguri. Barely a month after her 18th birthday, she was on an ‘okada’ and Japhet stopped the rider and asked for her number which she reluctantly gave him. When she was on her way back, Japhet called and told her to stop at Ngozi Fueling Station which she did. He came around and convinced her to come to his place. Being jazzed, she followed him and he led her through a bush track to his deserted house.

She became disturbed and decided to take her leave but the door was locked. She turned to ask Japhet to help unlock the door, but he had a machete and pen knife in his hands. He told her that, he’ll rape, kill, dismember and discard her body and no one will find out.

Japhet had his with Laurel twice and then released her. According to her story, she got home by 11 p.m, showered and cried herself to sleep.

It’s a sad story and I believe if you wacthed the video, you’ll be convinced that Akwaowo Japhet deserved what he got.

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