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Remember The Moment Donald Trump And Stone Code Fought Inside The WWE Ring. (See photos)

One thing I like about American is that, every politician and celebrity can still share some fun time ordinary citizens of the country, I said so because a very important public figure like Donald Trump still had some time to share with the public.
Do you know that the formal president of America Donald Trump is a WWE Hall of fame? WWE means World wrestling entertainment, even before he became the president he was still a WWE hall of fame. I love America for this particular reason.

Photo of Donald Trump making a speech in the WWE show;

This is how the fight between Donald Trump and Stone cold started. Donald challenged his friend Mc Mahon into a fight for me contest, this is when you get to pick a wrestler to represent you in a fight. Umaga represented Mc Mahon
Photo of formal president Trump and Mc Mahon making the deal;

Bobby Lashley represented Donald Trump and stone Cold was the referee for the game, the rule of this match was that the winner will get the opportunity of shaving the hair of the opponent. The fight started.
But unfortunately Umaga lost the fight to Bobby Lashley that means MC mahon’s must be shaved. And it was done as agreed.
See photo of Donald Trump barbing Mc Mahon:s halr;

After the match everyone left except Donald Trump and Stone cold, a conversation started between them but it ended with a fight. And Trump received a Stone cold stunner from Steve Austin also known Stone Cold.
See photo of both of them fighting;

That was how formal President Donald Trump got beaten up. Remember it is Just for fun the entire WWE show is just for fun. Unlike every other reality show, The WWE show was created to make people happy.
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