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Remember The Woman Who Turned Into A Pillar Of Salt In The Bible? See Recent Pictures Of How She Looks Like After The Historical Encounter

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The account of lot’ s spouse is one of the most historical and captivating stories in the scriptures. It is one that bears an exceptionally marvelous moral illustration to all Christians, that we are not supposed to allow the control of our lives by certain aspects of worldliness so as to not loose our salvation.

The story begins with when God wanted to burn sodom and gomorrah, so he despatched a holy messenger to convey lot and his family out, because of the reality that they had been the people worth saving. The heavenly messenger, heeded and conveyed Lot, his spouse and their daughters out of Sodom and Gomorrah. The messenger told them clearly to rush to the mountains and that none of them should look back. So they rushed on, however lot’ s spouse, wondering for no specific reason and aching for all the memories she had at sodom, disobeyed God and looked back. In a split second, she became a mainstay of salt.

Interestingly, this mainstay of salt she turned out to be, regardless stands til this present time. No matter how many years it have taken, the narrative of lot’ s spouse has been passed on and on, and the area which she lays has not been neglected. Individuals who have made a tour in the holy land of Israel, have affirmed of having seen and surprisingly taken pictures of the salty look of lot’ s companion. Antiquarians and Bible researchers likewise, have confirmed this reality, the mainstay of salt you see below is indeed lot’ s life partner whom the good book(Bible) have discussed.

Obviously, the salt column has develop to be distorted because of mileage from environment conditions and various weather factors. However, on the chance that you look closely enough, you will see that it takes after the state of a slim human, similar to a woman. So it is more likely real as stated in the bible.

Lot’ s spouse’ s story will continue to be an example to christians, until christ comes. She ignored a simple guidance and quickly obtained a heavenly struck that have left her in a salty form till today.

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