Remember This Extraordinary Creature? See How His Story Changed For Better, Read Details


When Afrimax broadcasted Eli’ s narrative for the first time, he was unable to endure the sight of other people. Whenever a stranger came close to him, he would flee into the forest, and his mother would chase him down the road.

His neighbors used to refer to him as ” Monkey” , simply because he spent the majority of his time in the forest climbing trees. They would beat me and make fun of him and his mother because there was nothing they could have done to prevent this from happening.


Eli is not only well- known in Tanzania, but also throughout the world, and now whenever he leaves the house, people trail behind him, taking photos of him with their phones. His fashion sense has developed as well, and he is now dressed in some of the most trendy items available on the market. Here’ s a sneak preview of what you may expect to see.

It was because his mother knelt before God and pleaded for whatever child she would be given, as long as they lived, that Zanzimana Elly came into being. She prayed for everyone, including a crippled child.


Consequently, she asked God for one, and He answered her prayer by providing her with Zanzimana Elly. Her four children, all of whom unfortunately died within a short period, were the catalyst for this change in her life.

Elly’ s facial features were compared to those of an African chimpanzee according to source. He was unable to communicate, and his brain was incapable of supporting formal instruction. If he returns, his mother claims that he used to chew grass like an animal and that his father had to chase him back home.


At the time Afrimax first saw this family, they were struggling to get food and had little hope for the future. They launched a fundraising drive on the website gofundme. com, and a large number of individuals contributed.

Elly was then brought to a special school for visually challenged youngsters, where she was given a brand new, fully- furnished home to call home. What are your thoughts on his transformation?



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