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REPRISAL ATTACK: “Gulak Was Killed On Sunday In Owerri, Obioma Killed In Minna On Tuesday”- FFK

Fani Kayode, former Minister for aviation has related the death of Ahmed Gulak with that of Obimma who murdered by unknown people in his house.

According to him the nature of Obimma death seems to be a reprisal attack to the threats made after the death of Ahmed Gulak.


On Sunday, there was a report about the death of Ahmed Gulak, former special assistant to Goodluck Jonathan.

According to information, Gulak was killed by some Gunmen in Owerri as they shot and killed him while rushing to the airport.

After his death, there were reports of reprisal attack threats by some people, Gulak being a prominent Northerner.


On Tuesday, Godswill Obioma, a prominent Igbo and Registrar of NECO, was killed in Minna.

The killers reportedly stormed his home, strangled him and left without taking anything.

Can this just be a mere coincidence or the result of the threat of reprisal attacks?

The comment made by Fani Kayode has got reactions from some Nigerians.

A Twitter user Identified as Mubarak Alhinab said ” If Buhari is not in power, what happened in Owerri to Gulak would have by now led to the loss of many innocents Igbo lives in the north.

When Buhari leave office and these so- called ‘ UGM’ kill a prominent Arewa man then you’ ll see the worst part of Hausa Fulani”

See some other comments below:

” Wole Soyinka once said that nobody is in charge of Nigeria. He knew that Buhari is dead and some sort of imposter is ruling as a puppet. More mortality ahead. If I was an IBO I will travel out of Nigeria, for now, cos the genocide is gonna be much”

” Praise the Lord for the gift of life and His faithfulness that endured forever.

May God give you the dew of Heaven, & make your field fertile. May He give you an abundance of grains and wine in Jesus mighty name Amen. Good morning happy new month of June 2021 Have a glorious month ahead”

Some screenshots:

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