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Resignation Order: Why I Dropped My Governorship Ambition – Malami

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Resignation Order: Why I Dropped My Governorship Ambition – Malami

Malami, while insisting that he has not resigned, said he has withdrawn his ambition to contest the 2023 Kebbi State gubernatorial elections.

This was disclosed in a statement by his media aide, Dr Umar Gwandu.

According to the statement: “Malami has the right to choose to voluntarily shelve his gubernatorial ambition.

“It is a matter of personal conviction and individual right which didn’t violate any law.

“Right thinking members of the society accord respect to individual’s right to freedom of choice in matters relating to this”

As an individual Nigerian citizen with inalienable fundamental rights, Malami said he is not aware of any legally justifiable and reasonable tenable obligations compelling him, a SAN or an Attorney General of the Federation to do otherwise.

The statement added: “The decision is not only a demonstration of altruism and patriotism, but of contentment, self-control, placidity and decisiveness in problem-solving at a time shrouded with confusing and competing stimulus.

“It is a commendable posture worthy of admiration coming from a paragon of virtue,”

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