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“Where Is The Result Coming From”, A Chart Showing How 30% Of Trump’s Votes Was Siphoned Pops Up

The US election has not been going totally as planned after the Incumbent president Trump lost to Biden, according to the results announced by the media and Trump has refused to concede and transit power. Series of vote recounts has been going on in some states lately, and major outcome of the results has been able to pose Joe Biden as the rightful winner.

Trump who has heavily disagreed over the outcome of the recounts has resulted to making allegations about electoral fraud,which is yet to be confirmed by the US electoral college. We could recall that over the weeks, series of charts has been surfacing on various US media showing how voter fraud took place,as Trump continues to accuse Biden over the fraudulent election.

Apparently, an alleged chart showing how 30% of Trump’s votes was siphoned to the new president elect Biden,has surfaced on the media lately. The alleged chart which is still yet to be confirmed has drawn Trump’s attention after he seem to express a disbelief. Trump in a reaction to the development regarded the results as impossible.

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