Retract Your Statement, Edo Deputy Governor Threatens Legal Action Against APC Over Press Conference

Edo Deputy Gov Phillip Shaibu
Deputy Governor of Edo State has vowed to take  legal actions against those who have drifted away from true tenets of democratic contest to engage in witchcraft activities in the name of politics.

“I am not writing to debunk what doesn’t exist. Nothing to debunked because you can’t put something on nothing. We are strangers to this issue and have no idea where this came from. They seem to forget that truth like cork cannot sink nor be sunk. Lies must eventually collapse when it is confronted face to face with facts.”

“All they have said in their press conference are all heap of rubbish; any serious and responsible person should see them as such. No shred or even atom of fact to substantiate their reckless charges borne out of frustration and desperation.”

In their haste to paint Philip Shaibu dark, they have confuse the names of the Deputy Governor, Haruna  and others to achieve unrealistic expectations.

“This is a legal matter it’s not a media issue. They have 48 hours to organize another press conference to reverse themselves and apologize to the Deputy Governor and people of Edo State over their lies or face the wrath of Government in the court of law with evidence of their claims.”

In a reaction from the Senior Special Assistant to the Deputy Governor on media Mr Benjamin Atu said “Having failed in their former attempt to attack the Governors’ entourage in Oshiomholes’ ward where they planted guns on tree tops and engaged in self defense against their unruly actions, they have decided to stage manage their second attempt by raising alarm before their new plot to strike.

They have decided to try this diversions to administer their hidden personal obsessional hate to distract attention from the unassailable credentials of the Deputy Governor.

We are giving them 48hours to get their legal team handy. This is not how to be a politician.  This is character defamation and direct attack on the Deputy Governor.

The actions and unguided utterances of these bunch of liers are already constituting insecurity in the State and they must be held accountable for their primitive actions and utterances.

The Deputy Governor has never been linked to any allegation of such in all his years in politics and it is too late for him to double cross himself like Oshiomhloe and his bunch of supporters are currently spinning.

Philip Shaibu didn’t kill or commit any attrocity to become a Deputy Governor and can’t do such to retain his seat. His political value and worth came from God and God is sufficient enough for him. He is not like them that seek help and protection from Egypt.

Woe unto them who put their trust on horses. For the Egyptians are men and not God and their horses are flesh and not spirit. Their day of vengeance has come and God will repay them in their own coin.

The Shaibu’s phobics must not be quick to forget that truth crushed to the ground shall rise again. Truth is immortal. God will avenge against the adversaries of the Deputy Governor.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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