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After Returning From Vacation, See What His Lover Did To Him For Paying Another Girl’s Bride Price

A man known as Elvis Chidinma Omah from Nsukka local government area of enugu just returned From Christmas and New year holiday, Chidinma has been in the village since December last year where he decided to celebrate the festive season.

According to reports, Chidinma had a girlfriend which he left behind before he embark on his journey to the village. His 18 year old girlfriend, Esther who was from ado local government area of benue State.

Nevertheless, the conflict and trouble began shorty after Esther was told by her friends that her lover, Chidinma went to the village to pay the bride price of another lady who he intend to get married to. Esther confronted her boyfriend about the accusations which he zealously denied. Esther was not satisfied with her boyfriend’s answers to the allegations, then she planned to deal with him.

Ester went to get a gallon at a filling station, she filled the keg with some petrol which she planned to burn Chidinma with. On the early hours of Sunday, Esther came to her boyfriend’s house, they both wined and dined, they enjoyed themselves as Esther pretended as if everything was alright.

At exactly 2 am while Chidinma was asleep, she went straight to where she kept the gallon which was already filled with Petrol. Esther did not hesitate to pour the petrol around the room where her boyfriend was sleeping. She immediately set a fire with the matches and ran away.

Before the neighborhood could notice anything, Chidinma had already been set ablaze by his lover. The neighbors attempted to blow out the fire but it has already done it worse. Chidinma had already been burnt beyond recognition before he was hurriedly rushed to a nearby hospital.

A Eye witness stated that before Chidinma travelled to the village for Christmas and New year holiday, he told Esther that he was tired and fed up with her unruly character and wasn’t interested in the relationship any longer.

No one realised that Esther’s plan was to kill her boyfriend after returning from the village. However, after the house burnt down there were only remains of pillows and blankets which belongs to Chidinma.

Unfortunately it was so sad that Elvis Chidinma Omah was confirmed dead on Tuesday, January 12. His family has made plans to prepare his corpse and burial. Esther is now in the police custody after the tragic incident was confirmed.

This Man died as a result of his lover’s atrocities. May his soul rest in peace.

Kindly Drop a word for the deceased and his girlfriend

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