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Revealed! ! 2 Concrete Reasons Why Recruiting Armies to the Southeast May Not Resolve Insecurity Issues


As things stand, residents have been forced to comply with a sit- at- home order against their choice by these criminals. Some illegal activities terrorizing the southeast are the faceless Unknown Gunmen, the Eastern Security Network, and the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra. However,

Despite the fact that these organisations are prohibited under Nigerian law, they have continued to carry out their evil deeds in secrecy, killing and destroying property belonging to members of the public who hold opposing ideas to their own.


As a result of the attack, Taoreed Lagbaja, the general commander in charge of the army’ s 82nd division, has announced the beginning of three additional security measures. ” Golden Dawn” is the name of the operation for the south- east; the question that really needs to be answered here is whether the insecurity problems in the southeast will be resolved due to the recruitment of soldiers into the state.

Below are 2 tangible reasons why recruiting army officials to the southeast may not still solve the ongoing insecurity problem in the southeast.

  1. According to the IPOB leaders, they have vowed never to give up on their agitation if they are not given a fair hearing by the federal government. Army officials may only go into the southeast to maintain peace, but solving the problem of the IPOB agitators may not be a job they can do.


2 The common crimes that are terrorizing the southeast are crimes that call for dialogue or settlement by the federal government, and recruiting army officials to solve such crimes is something that won’ t work out.


On the other hand, ” Operation Golden Dawn, ” which is aimed at the South- East, will provide justification and only maintain peace for a certain period of time. The recently initiated ” Golden Dawn” operation for the South- East region, in my opinion, will not contribute to the restoration of complete and total peace in the region but only maintain peace for a certain period of time.

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