REVEALED: Find Out How Useful Cockroaches Are; Stop Killing Them.

Insects or Cockroaches are usually seen insects in a house. The Cockroaches are good recyclers, chewing about anything they come in contact with, including plants animals and even waste product.

It is said that their digestive system are so great that they have bacteria and protozoa which converts waste products they took into nutrients in their body.

This essay will enlighten you on how Cockroaches are important in our houses, and not to kill anyone you come accross with.

It is popularly said that anything that has a Bad side must also surely have a good side.

The first important of Cockroaches are, they serve as food. They have high level of protein, which is helpful in human immune system when consumed, they Cockroaches need to be fried properly before consumption, as during frying it kills the bacteria in the insect.

Secondly you use it to feed your reptiles in your surroundings. Instead of killing it and dumping it, you do such thing by Giving reptiles around.

It has been scientifically showed to be medicinal. It is mostly use in part of the world like China for creams, the powdered Cockroach is used to treat broken bones, Cockroach syrup is sometimes given to patient to alleviate symptoms of gastroenteritis.

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