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REVEALED! ! ! Mailafia’s Family Has Disclosed How He Died


Dr. Obadiah Mailafia, the former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, died, according to family sources. The Middle Belt Forum (MBF) has expressed sorrow and condolences at Dr. Mailafia’ s untimely death, characterizing him as a lively activist and advocate for a better Nigeria.


Dr. Obadiah died in the early hours of Sunday at the National Hospital Abuja following a brief unexplained illness, according to a family source.

The activist was rushed to Gwagwalada Hospital in Abuja on Saturday immediately after returning from a function, complaining of discomfort and suffering, and was then moved to the National Hospital, where he died on Sunday.


Dr. Bitrus Pogu, the Forum’ s National President, told the Nigerian Tribune that the late Obadiah will be dearly missed by every Nigerian who values justice and despises injustice.

He said the deceased dedicated his life to humanity and was one of the Middle Belt’ s and Nigeria’ s most powerful voices.


” The late Dr. Obadiah could not be intimidated when it came to battling for justice. He was a symbol of justice, fairness, and equity. He led a selfless life that will be remembered for a long time. He is a great nationalist, a fiery leader, and a defender of a true Nigeria that works for all of its people. ”

The deceased was a strong critic of the current administration’ s economic policies and advocated for fiscal federation, Yakubu Bawa said.


According to him, he continuously lambasted criminal killers and herdsmen terrorizing the Middle Belt and other sections of the country before his death.

Bawa expressed his hope that the legacy he has left will continue to be a brilliant light and a beacon of hope for other activists, and he prayed for the family’ s safety.

May the soul of Mailafia Obadiah rest in perfect peace amen!


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