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Revealed! ! See 3 Amazing Reasons That Makes Yaradua The Best President Of Nigeria


Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua, one of Nigeria’ s most respected leaders, died in May 2010 after a long battle with sickness, He was regarded as one of Nigeria’ s most capable presidents

While serving as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, he accomplished three major accomplishments throughout his tenure which makes him stand out as the best president of Nigeria.


Below are 3 amazing things that Yar’ adua did which made him stand out as the best president of Nigeria.

First and foremost, Yar’ Adua raised the salaries of the military services.

A few months after assuming the presidency, Yar’ Adua approved an increase in the pay of military personnel. This was done in order to increase the morale and security of Nigerian soldiers on the battlefield.


He agreed to provide amnesty to the Niger- Delta Militants in exchange for their surrender.

Yaradua has granted an amnesty in order to put a halt to the deadly insurgent activities in the Niger- Delta region. After the late President fully pardoned them, more than 10, 000 militants surrendered to the authorities, which made Nigeria peaceful and reduced the rate of Niger Delta attack on Nigerians.

During his reign Yar’ Adua was able to lower the cost of petroleum


Since Yakubu Gowon took office almost every Nigerian president including Murtala Mohammed, Shehu Shagari Ernest Shonekan and Olusegun Obasanjo has hiked the price of gasoline, In Nigeria Yaradua decreased the price of a liter of fuel from N75 to N65.

That was one of his most significant accomplishments during his term

Unfortunately he went away before he could complete his term as President of the Republic of Nigeria and Nigerians will remember him for his excellent leadership for the rest of their lives, Yara’ dua legacy as the best president of Nigeria will always remain unbeaten.


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