RIP : Disgrace And Scandals Revealed After Her Lifetime Secret Was Disclosed After Her Sudden Death. -
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RIP : Disgrace And Scandals Revealed After Her Lifetime Secret Was Disclosed After Her Sudden Death.

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A Pietermaritzburg woman has died after his fiancée was preparing to marry her in December this year. It turned out that she was married to another woman.

Bafana Ndawonde said he was still wondering what had happened to Philisiwe Langa, as it had emerged that she was married to her girlfriend Slindile Hlophe, a fellow police officer at the GG police station in Umlaza, south of Durban.

In the dark, Ndawonde said he was shocked to find that his fiancée had passed away without receiving any answers.

“I’m just talking to you. It’s as if I’m sleeping and dreaming and maybe someone will wake me up. Little did I know that Philisiwe (Mrs Langa) would marry me. The fact that she was married to his girlfriend is really strange to me, ”said Ndawonde.

He said he wished Ms Langa could get up, so that she could find the root of the problem and leave her with her.

He told Isolezwe on Saturday that he and Ms Langa started dating while attending school together. He said they also broke up, prompting his fiancée to marry Njabulo Mthethwa, who is deceased.

“After Mthethwa’s death we agreed to reconcile. We agreed to get married in December, ” he said.

According to Ndawonde, Isolezwe on Saturday had a copy of the marriage certificate which proves that his fiancée was indeed tied to a sofa and separated from her friend, Ms Hlophe.

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The letter was released on August 30, 2021 which is a mystery to Ndawonde. “How come the letter came out in August when Philisiwe was still in a hospital in Ntabeni,” Ndawonde asked, confused.

He added that what puzzled him was that his girlfriend first became ill when they returned from Johannesburg to buy a BMW, which he now says he does not know where it went.

Ndawonde is not the only one who is blaming the marriage, and members of Ms Langa’s family say something is amiss because their daughter will never be in love with a woman.

“There is nothing that this woman has done to my sister. He can’t just agree to marry another woman, ” said a member of the Langa family.

The Langa family said they were informed by the same woman that he was in love with the deceased and showed them a marriage certificate compiling the estate.

“We knew they were friends, and what he said was shocking. We knew that my sister was married to a deceased Mthethwa man, ” explained the deceased’s sister, Nonhlanhla Langa.

A reporter on Saturday phoned Ms Hlophe to ask about their ‘marriage’ with her friend. He first told a reporter he was depressed and was lying in a hospital in Ntabeni, where Ms Langa died.

SHe said she and Ms Langa were married and nothing would change. Ms Hlophe made it clear that their marriage was a legacy, and that once the will was issued, she would follow it.

She said they were married at the Home Affairs office in Durban, before July’s illness. August 30, which is in the book, is the date on which the book was published. He urged Ndawonde to calm down and forget about Ms Langa’s story.

“Bafana should not accept the situation as it is. Let him go and borrow another girl, ” he said. The crying car, he said, knew where it was.

Advocate Nkosi Nkosi, a lawyer, said the matter was “serious”, especially if the letter was made out in court. He urged his family to contact him for more information on the matter.


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