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RIP: They Are Going To Be Buried Today: Mother And Her Only Son Died Within 2 Days (See Photos)

As far as one’s conciseness is dead, there’s is no level of wickedness that he or she can’t do without even a second thought.

Such people with dead concise exist everywhere in our society and one of their deeds is the incident we are looking today in this article.

A very wicked act was done by some group of people on a young boy which lead to the death of his mother as well.

How do you describe the death of a young man who is still in his early twenties and that of his mother within 2days? I.e space of one day?

Report reaching us has it that, another terrible incident occurred in one of the northern states in Nigeria, Plateau State to be precise.

According to what we’ve gathered, a young man identified as Isaac has been killed by a cultist in his area. His body was found dead.

Isaac was only 22 years before his demise and he was a popular upcoming artist and a student.

We’ve also gathered that He loves photography as well.

After his mother was informed that Isaac is dead she too passes away right there.

The mother, Mrs. Theresa Nyorong was a 52-year-old woman, and Isaac was her only son. She loves Isaac with the whole of her heart and the son has been one of her sources of joy and comfort before the sad incident.

His mother slumped upon hearing the sad news and after a medical checkup, she was confirmed dead. The death of her son came as a huge shock to the late mother and she couldn’t bear the pains and the news hit her hard. Then she died.

They are going to be buried today being 25th of November 2020 at Jos.
See the burial flyers:

May the third soul rest in peace.

Here are their photos;

What can you say about such a sad incident?

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