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RIP: See Photos Of Beautiful Young Teenager Who Killed Herself Because Of The Death Of Her Friend

Please to all young and old, suicide is not a way to get away from pain. Your heart can heal but not by taking your own life.

RIP: See Photos Of Beautiful Young Teenager Who Killed Herself Because Of The Death Of Her Friend

This 17 years old girl took her own life because of the death of her close friend. The name of the girl is Jennifer Nduta. She allegedly killed herself in Kitengela in Kenya, after her friend whose name is Shanty was beaten to death by bouncers at an event called Naifest.

As a result of his death, she was depressed and decided to kill herself.

Late Shanty went missing after the event, but was later found at the city mortuary.

A video of late Shanty being beaten up by bouncers was then leaked and people including Jennifer started seeking justice to the death of late Shanty.

Jennifer Nduta alledgedly killed herself due to the depression late Shanty’s death caused her.

Those who were close to late Jennifer expressed their grief on the social media about her death;

These are photos of late Shanty that was beaten to death by bouncers;

Below are photos of late Jennifer Nduta;

It is so sad that late Shanty was beaten to death. May his soul rest in peace.

It is never advisable or good to kill yourself, rather give yourself time to heal. If you are having problems, face your problems and defeat them in a good way, and not to runaway from them by killing yourself. Please, do not end your life for any reason. Pray to God and he will heal your broken heart and solve any problem you are facing.

Kindly, say a prayer for them and their families. May God console them. Share to others. May their souls rest in peace.

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