The Rise And Fall Of Derico Nwamama, A Notorious And Dreaded Criminal Onitsha Will Never Forget - Mc Ebisco The Rise And Fall Of Derico Nwamama, A Notorious And Dreaded Criminal Onitsha Will Never Forget - Mc Ebisco
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The Rise And Fall Of Derico Nwamama, A Notorious And Dreaded Criminal Onitsha Will Never Forget

Karma they say serves the best menu, and whatever a man sows in this life, that he shall reap. Some so many people indulge in evil acts and perpetrate all kinds of crime with the belief that they can’t be touched because they have a connection. They tend to forget that nobody rules forever and that many days are for the thief and one day is for the owner.

In my article today, I would be taking you down memory lane as I share a story of a notorious criminal, Okwudili Ndiwe AKA Derico Nwamama whose hands left his shoulders at 22. Derico was dreaded in Onitsha and the South Eastern region at large. Derico at 22 emerged as the king of the underworld in South East, Nigeria and He followed the footstep of Lawrence Anini and Ishola Oyenusi.
The Rise of Derico Nwamama

Derico Nwamama started his dirty dealings by picking money and treasures from people’s pockets in Onitsha. Onitsha is a place where people are cautioned to be very vigilant, Upper Iweka road, Onitsha to be precise. Some people said Upper Iweka road, Onitsha isn’t for the weak. Derico and his team were considered by many as a gang of blood and losses. Derico and his team gave the people of Onitsha sleepless nights and he was the exact definition of terror.

Many people believed that he is so powerful that he can’t be arrested by the police. Derico placed so much trust in the charms he got from native and witch doctors. He spared no one whom he came in contact with. He is well known for his level of expertise in robbing buses and he doesn’t think twice before wasting his victims. He wasted so many lives mercilessly. He operates like a man who doesn’t believe in the word “mercy”.
The Fall Of Derico Nwamama

The fear of Derico Nwamama made the people of Anambra state call on their governor for help. The governor had no option than to invite the Bakassi boys who also operates with mystic powers. Despite claims by Derico Nwamama that he is untouchable and invisible, he was apprehended on his way from Delta to Anambra.

Derico in his confession after he was captured claimed responsibility for Chiejina’s death. His courage and pride rose after he killed Chiejina, who was then the Kingpin. Derico also boasted that he had powerful politicians that would set him free.
The Judgement Day

The Bible made it clear that the wages of sin are death, Derico Nwamama despite claiming to be invisible and powerful, couldn’t withstand the wrath of Bakassi boys. Immediately he finished his confession, he was beheaded and his lifeless body was chopped into pieces. He was set ablaze like a burnt offering to the gods.
Moral Lesson

No matter the situation you find yourself in, don’t indulge in criminal activities. Always remember that recession may affect the economic situation, workers’ salary but it can’t affect the wages of sin, the wages of sin are still dead and that will not change. Let’s try our best to stay away from evil because whatsoever a man sows, he shall reap.


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