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After I Was Robbed By Criminals, See What They Asked Me To Do To Show I Wasn’t Angry – Lady

Robbery and other kinds of crime has been as old as man. It’s what people see and hear virtually everyday and at different places for no matter how tight the security may be, there’s still some people who would devise ways to steal and perpetuate other crimes.

To add fun to it, the robbers seem to have applied a new strategy after robbery, so to obviously make fun of their victims and that is asking some sarcastically questions.

A Ghanian lady by name Qweku narrates what some robbers asked her to do after robbing her. She stated that the robbers robbed her and then asked her to do something, she never dreamt of in order to prove she wasn’t angry.

See below:

Inasmuch as this sounds very hilarious, it’s still sad that such could happen to her. Security challenges are generally issues which all and not the government will join hands together, to make sure it’s defeated. Avoid staying late at night and also avoid staying long in odd places so you don’t become a victim.


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