Romantic Word To Tell A Girl To Make Her Love You

Baby your heartbeat when reaches to me I can feel your love within to see When your eyes speak to me I can see what I wish to see The love in your eyes say it all Your love gives me all the gleeBaby I so love you!

Being in love with you was not a choice It was a thing that just happened I never knew that destiny would bring us so closed In your name and your love enclosed Feels so good when I am with you Baby I think that I truly love you So glad that I met you!

Do you know how much you mean to me? For me, nothing at all stands a chance in front of your happiness. You may meet many people who love you because you are just so adorable, but no one will love you the way I do. If you give me one chance to love you, I will make you realize that I could be the best decision you could ever make.

Every night I rest my head on my pillow and imagine it to be your chest. I stretch my legs around my blanket and imagine it to be your body. I miss you every night and think about you all I can, with the hope that I will see you in my dreams and one day on my bed when I wake up. I love you.

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