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My Roommate Was Haunted, She Continuously Screamed In Her Sleep, This Ended Most Of Her Relationship With Men

Shally and Tanny were best friends since childhood. They were constantly mistaken for being sisters. After completing their highschool education, they both joined Moi University in Eldoret. Even though they were not learning the same course they decided to maintain their friendship by renting a house outside school and living together.

The first few weeks, their stay was good but then Tanny one day screemed in her sleep saying that she felt like someone was chocking her. Shally was left so terrified the whole night.She couldn’t bare to close her just to find out that something had happened to the both of them. The following morning she asked Tanny why she was screaming but she denial all Shally claims.

That was not the first and the last time this happened. The screaming went on for a very long time. Shally on the other hand was sufferer, she begun to sleep during lectures because she wasn’t getting enough sleep because of being up all night due to fear. This became unbearable to her she was forced to crush at her boyfriend crib just to be able to sleep comfortably.

When the boyfriend asked why she never wanted to go back to her own place she told him, I cannot go back there and endure more sleepless nights,my roommate is haunted, I have seen people who sleep walk in their dreams but its nothing compared to what is happening to her, she screams saying that someone is chocking her,its so scary. Tanny on the other hand become so isolated,all the men that dated her dumped her barely one month into fully being in a relationship with her.

A few who dated her termed her as either a witch or that she was cursed. This really lowered her self esteem she decided to tell her own aunt about what was happening since she is an expert on such matters. The aunt told her to seek Doctor Mugwenu help and gave her his contact information. Tanny then went to see him the following morning and explained everything to him. Doctor Mugwenu on the other hand took out a leaf dipped it in some kind of liquid and placed it on Tanny head as he commanded the evil spirits to leave her alone. After this she went back home.

That evening, Tanny requested Shally to spend the night which she agreed .Indeed they all slept soundly and at some given time in the middle of the night Shally tried to be awake just to hear if anything would happen by this time round she had no screams coming from Tanny room. Her sleepless nights had finally come to an end while Tanny haunted and isolation days were over. She was now able to be in a relationship in peace. Her current relationship has lasted for about six months compared to her earlier affairs all thanks to Doctor Mugwenu.
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