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How I Rose From Working As A Househelp Who Earned SHS. 1500 To Becoming Filthy Rich And Finally Supported My Other Siblings Education

After my parents died, I was forced to leave school after learning upto standard 8 because no relative offered to support both me and my three brothers. After our parent burial, all my relatives disappeared and made sure to never kerp in touch with us. So we were forced to move in with my grandmother at her small house.

Years later, life became so tough for the five of us so I was forced to become a househelp just so I could support my grandmother and my other siblings. My first househelp job wasn’t so bad even though I was payed shs1500. My boss named Mama Terry was always a kind woman to me. Sadly my work came to an end three months later when she finall joined her husband in the United States of America to live there.

Three weeks later she organized a job for one of her friend(Mama Jayden) who also was from around the area she was residing. Life at Mama Jayden home was a bit tough, she had all sorts of rules, I wasn’t allowed to take my tea in the morning before them or better eat bread. My food was always served after all the work is done. I took care if her baby, fed the dog, handled several unending house chores for only shs1500. I did not complain because I needed the money.

One day I forgot to feed the dog and she realized, she threw me out of the house shouting that she did not want to see my lazy self in her house ever again. She did not pay me my salary for that month. So that day, I called one of a friend I had made while zi was working for Mama Terry wholoaned me some cash to take me back to the village.

Luckily while at the bus station, a friend of mine that had known me in primary school immediately spotted me from a far. He came to me and asked me how I was doing, he took me to take some lunch and after explaining everything to him, he handed me a card containing Doctor Mugwenu contact information and told me to think of paying him a vusit before I decide to leave the city.

That night, I booked a room with the little money I had spent the night and the next day I went to see Doctor Mugwenu very early in the morning. On reaching at his workshop, he performed a few rituals on me and the gave me a good luck charm wrist band. After that I left.

Two days later, I got a call from Mama Terry informing me of a vacant position in the United States. She offered to pay for my transport cost and everything. In a weeks time, I travelled to the United States and started working immediately. I have managed to build a new house for my grandmother and is currently paying for my sibling secondary and university education. The powerful Doctor helped change my life for the better.

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